Clinical Research Study Volunteer Stories

BRI clinical research participants generously provided their own personal perspectives on joining a clinical research study and the benefits of volunteering.


Family fighting autoimmune diseases, from psoriatic arthritis to PANDAS, shares personal stories and generous support with BRI.
Young soccer player partnering with TrialNet to contribute to type 1 diabetes research.
Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a young adult, Brittany Boushay participated in a research study.
Summer Engler, a former medical Intern with Scleroderma, contributed to rheumatology research and currently works as a rheumatologist in Alaska.
Participant in a clinical trial aimed at preventing or delaying the onset of type 1 diabetes.
Mother of three participates in multiple sclerosis clinical trial led by Dr. Mariko Kita, MD.
These two young volunteers contribute to the BRI Allergy and Asthma Biorepository.
Research Participant Indigo Philo contributes to BRI’s Ulcerative Colitis Biorepository.
Barry Thys, diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), participates in a research study led by Dr. James Lord, MD, PhD.
Chris Wood is a research participant in a clinical trial for axial spondyloarthrtis, an immune-mediated rheumatic disease.