Translational Core Laboratory


For more information, please contact the TCL Manager at (206) 342-6951.

The Translational Core Laboratory (TCL) at BRI provides sample processing, archiving and distribution services for clinical research projects conducted at BRI. We also provide limited standardized testing of those samples. We are currently processing human body fluids for the isolation of DNA, peripheral blood mononuclear cells, serum, plasma and urine. The DNA is usually isolated via a Quiagen column, though we have used DNA precipitation chemistries in the past to isolate large quantities of DNA. The peripheral blood mononuclear cells are isolated via a Ficoll density gradient. The sample testing we currently provide is limited to genotyping the human Class II HLA. We do partner with other labs to provide more extensive genetic testing and auto-antibody screening. The Class II HLA genotyping that we provide is done via Real-Time PCR assays.

A primary function of the Translational Core is archiving, distribution and tracking of the samples that we process and the data that is generated both in the clinic and the lab. To this end we employ a database programmer and database. The database allows for multi-dimensional analysis of clinical and lab data, and allows us to be specific about the sub-sets of clinical samples that we test in a given assay. Our staff programmer can tailor the database to fit new projects and needs as they arise.


Thien-Son Nguyen


The Translational Core lab is available to serve BRI investigators.