Diabetes Core Laboratory


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Cate Speake at 
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The Diabetes Core Laboratory at Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) facilitates the study of type 1 diabetes (T1D) by providing samples from BRI's Diabetes Biorepository to collaborating scientists.

The Diabetes Biorepository is possible because of people with T1D who donate a blood sample and provide health information for scientific research. Many of the samples in our biorepository come from people who participate in The BRIDGE Study of T1D, but others come from subjects taking part in other T1D studies. Researchers at BRI as well as external collaborating researchers are using the samples from the Diabetes Biorepository to gain a better understanding of the progression of T1D and learn how to prevent it.

The Diabetes Core also helps provide samples to investigators working with the JDRF Core for Assay Validation (CAV)


The Diabetes Core provides biorepository samples to collaborating researchers at BRI as well as outside investigators. 


Cate Speake