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Our group is interested in advancing clinical research – especially in type 1 diabetes, but also in the context of other immune-mediated diseases.

We focus on development and utilization of rigorous analytical methods to identify immune features associated with clinical outcomes, including progression of disease and response to therapy. We also seek to implement cutting-edge clinical trial designs, including use of short-term interventions with mechanistic outcomes and novel considerations of trial outcome measures.

With Drs. Lord and Smithmyer, Dr. Speake oversees BRI’s biorepositories. Her group collaborates with other academic researchers worldwide and facilitates collaborations with biotech and pharma companies. She also oversees BRI’s Clinical Core Laboratory, which is responsible for sample processing and storage for the hundreds of thousands of samples currently stored in the BRI biorepository.

Cate Speake
Research Assistant Member

Cate Speake, PhD

Research Assistant Member; Principal Investigator; Scientific Director, Interventional Immunology
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Lab Members

Christine Bender

Christine Bender, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Long & Speake Lab
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Linda Dement

Linda Dement

Grant & Finance Program Manager, Grants and Contracts and Center for Interventional Immunology
Rachel Hartley

Rachel Hartley

Project Manager, Center for Interventional Immunology
Pamela Miranda

Pamela Miranda

Research Technician, Center for Interventional Immunology
Thien Son Nguyen

Thien-Son Nguyen

Manager, Center for Interventional Immunology
Quyen Pham

Quyen Pham

Lab Technician, Center for Interventional Immunology
Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Administrative Assistant, Center for Interventional Immunology
Jessica Sarrat

Jessica Sarratt

Lab Technician, Center for Interventional Immunology
Megan Smithmyer

Megan Smithmyer, PhD

Staff Scientist, Center for Interventional Immunology
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Cameron Wellman

Cameron Willman

Research Technician, Center for Interventional Immunology

Research Projects

Speake Research Project Preview - TrialNet Pathway to Prevention

Understanding Progression of T1D

Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet provides rich data about people at risk for T1D. We analyze this data to help understand T1D risk, to better understand the process of T1D progression, and to help inform decisions around monitoring schedules for at risk patients.
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Speake Research Project Preview - Sound Life Project

The Sound Life Project

The Sound Life Project is an investigation of the immune systems of adults without chronic diseases. Understanding the immune system in this context can help us understand why healthy people respond differently to vaccinations or infections.
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Speake Research Project Preview - Rigor and Reproducibility

Rigor and Reproducibility in T1D Biomarker Research

Many potential biomarkers have been suggested in T1D, but translating them from discovery efforts to utility in clinical settings has been a challenge.  We focus on applying techniques to improve study design, data analysis, and technical reproducibility of assays. 
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