Human Immunophenotyping Core Laboratory


For more information, please contact Alice Wiedeman at (206) 342-6513.

The Human Immunophenotyping Core Laboratory (HIP-c) at Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) is designed to facilitate the study of human immune-mediated diseases through helping identify underlying mechanisms of disease, developing biomarkers of disease and targeting therapeutic intervention. This is done through the use of standardized, reproducible assays appropriate for application to large sample sets or rare/precious human samples including:

  • surface, intracellular and phospho-flow cytometry 
  • CyTOF
  • cell selections
  • DNA and RNA isolation
  • ELISA’s 
  • Luminex assays
  • short-term in vitro assays (i.e. proliferation, cytokine secretion, activation)
  • ELISpot
  • qPCR  

Centralization of these assays on human samples limits variation between labs making data more comparable between investigators, facilitates data sharing by enabling linkage of clinical, genetic, genomic and immunological parameters to each sample studied and enhances collaboration between clinicians and scientists.


HIP-c services are available to BRI, Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC) and outside investigators. Examples of past and current collaborators include BRI investigators, VMMC clinicians, the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), TrialNet and principal investigators at other institutions.

HIP Core Members

Alice Wiedeman Alice Wiedeman, PhD
Manager, Human Immunophenotyping Core Lab
Alice Long S. Alice Long, PhD
Research Associate Member
Anna Kus Anna Kus
Research Technician
Sheila Scheiding Sheila Scheiding
Research Technician
Carolina Acosta Vega Carolina Acosta Vega
Research Technician
Grace DeCastro Grace DeCastro
Research Technician