Customizing support and developing tailored assays to meet unique research needs

Human immunology intersects with many other rapidly-evolving fields such as autoimmunity, allergy, infectious disease, transplantation and oncology. Researchers in these fields, including scientists, clinicians, and pharmaceutical professionals, have unique research requirements.

The HIP core collaborates with diverse groups with different focuses, expertise and research goals, providing comprehensive support tailored to meet their specific needs. Our core possesses the technical and scientific knowledge to create customized assays that address those research goals. We have extensive experience working with various cell types such as whole blood, PBMCs, BAL and bone marrow. Our specialized assays evaluate cell activation, signaling, cytokine production and enable the identification and monitoring of antigen-specific cells. Additionally, we can combine cytometry analyses with in vitro cell culture, detection of soluble factors and antibodies and sorting of immune subsets for further evaluation through assays or genomic analyses.

We continuously strive to expand our range of services and stay updated with the latest information across immune-related fields to best meet specific research needs.

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