Leveraging high-parameter single-cell technologies to study human disease

Recent advances in cytometry technologies allow us to measure an increasing number of parameters per cell, generating complex, high-dimensional single-cell datasets from limited and precious samples. The HIP core offers guidance and support to fully capitalize on the potential of these advances—ultizing the best technology, analytes and analysis method to reach your research goals.

The HIP core works with collaborators to understand their specific experimental goals. We offer a spectrum of services across single-cell technologies, including conventional, spectral and mass cytometry (CyTOF) accessed via the CATA core as well as partnering with the Genomics core for CITE-seq and RNA-seq. The HIP core has dozens of optimized cytometry panels available, and can guide you through selecting the best approach to meet your needs.

The HIP core also offers assistance in the analysis of your single-cell cytometry data. We have collaborated with Bioinformatics to develop advanced analytical tools for this purpose, and our team stays updated with the latest advancements in the analysis of cytometry data. 

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