Systems Immunology Division

Circos plotWith the explosion of data from genome studies and molecular profiling technologies, huge amounts of biological information are now available. Scientists in the Systems Immunology Division use complex systems theory and high throughput techniques as well as mathematical and computational tools to understand the functioning of the immune system in health and disease. The Systems Immunology Division is developing ways to use simple blood tests to measure immune system profiles that predict individual's responses to immunotherapy for autoimmune disease or cancer. With these profiles, treatment for these diseases may be specifically tailored to each person.

Leadership - Co-Directors

Peter S. Linsley, PhD
Scientific/Intellectual Oversight
Director of Systems Immunology, Associate Member

Charlie Quinn
Research Data Systems and Administration
Director of Research Information Systems

Bioinformatics Department

The BRI Bioinformatics Department consists of PhD computational biologists and biostatisticians, with access to a high-performance computing infrastructure and specialized software to support processing, analyzing and visualizing data from heterogeneous sources, including BRI and Virginia Mason laboratories.

Research Data Management

Our data management and software development team has created an extensive data infrastructure to provide our scientists with flexible acquisition and query-based access to research data. Our system is designed to link with advanced bioinformatics analysis, where the co-location of data and scalable computational power is essential.

Included in our system are a collection of secure web-based applications:

  • Participant Disease Registries
  • Sample Repository
  • Study Modifications and Gatekeeper
  • Genomics LIMS
  • Cell and Tissue Analysis Core data capture and annotation
  • Mobile participant survey capture
  • Automated data exchange with clinical laboratories
  • Genomic Sequence cloud-based analysis pipeline

We are committed to free distribution of our datasets, and code. Upon publication, we deposit supporting data files into public repositories like FlowRepository and GEO. In many cases we share our application and analysis code via GitHub.

Core Laboratories

Data Management & Software Development Core
Offers knowledge and data management services and general informatics services to different immunology research centers including BRI.

Genomics Core
Provides resources to BRI and external investigators for gene expression analysis, from sample processing through data generation. Currently available technologies include RNA-sequencing and high throughput real-time PCR.

Research Laboratories

Linsley Laboratory
Advancing immunotherapy with big data

Presnell Laboratory
Advancing the understanding of childhood allergies

Staff Members

Systems Immunology