Immunology Research Program

The Immunology Research Program at Benaroya Research Institute works to better understand the mechanisms that underlie the pathology seen in patients with autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes. Approaches include developing novel model systems of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. These model systems are used to determine how the activity of the immune system is regulated, and to understand how these regulatory mechanisms breakdown during autoimmunity.


Steven F. Ziegler, PhD, Director, Academic Affairs; Director, Immunology Research Program; Member
Estelle Bettelli, PhD, Assistant Member
Daniel J. Campbell, PhD, Associate Member
Jessica Hamerman, PhD, Member
Adam Lacy-Hulbert, PhD, Associate Member
Lynda Stuart, MD, PhD, Affiliate Investigator


Ziegler Laboratory
Bettelli Laboratory
Campbell Laboratory
Hamerman Laboratory
Lacy-Hulbert and Stuart Laboratories

Core Facility

Cell and Tissue Analysis Core Laboratory