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Our laboratory is focused on the factors that control immune responses, both normal and pathogenic, at mucosal barrier surfaces. These surfaces in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts protect from external insults such as virus and bacterial infections. However, they also can respond inappropriately to innocuous stimuli such as allergens and food.  

The laboratory is investigating the role of the epithelial cytokines TSLP and IL-33 in regulating responses at these barrier tissues. These cytokines, which are referred to as “alarmins,” are released rapidly by epithelial cells following infection. They work to coordinate the innate and adaptive immune responses to mitigate the perceived threat.

We have also found that these cytokines, especially TSLP, are involved in cancers of the epithelium. TSLP serves as a survival factor for tumors, and also acts to blunt the immune response to the cancer.

The lab is also interested in the transcription factor Foxp3 and its role in the development and function of regulatory T cells (Tregs). These studies address the role of Foxp3 isoforms on Treg function, using both human and mouse model systems. We have also recently discovered a novel mechanism of Treg-mediated suppression-inhibition of translation. We are pursuing these studies to better understand the mechanisms that underlie Treg dysfunction in settings of autoimmunity.

Steven F Ziegler
Director of Academic Affairs

Steven Ziegler, PhD

Director of External Collaboration; Member, Center for Fundamental Immunology; Principal Investigator, Ziegler Lab
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Lab Members

Honyin Chiu

Honyin Chiu, PhD

Visiting Scientist, Ziegler Lab
Philip Domeier

Phillip Domeier, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate, Ziegler Lab
Laurie Eldredge

Laurie Eldredge

Visiting Scientist, Ziegler Lab
Yan Han

Yan Han, PhD

Visiting Scientist, Ziegler Lab
Laura Muruato

Laura Muruato, PhD

Visiting Scientist, Ziegler Lab
Kazushige Ninomiya

Kazushige Ninomiya, PhD

Staff Scientist, Ziegler Lab
Ruth Penn

Ruth Penn

Administrative Assistant, Ziegler Lab
Florence Roan

Florence Roan, PhD

Staff Scientist, Ziegler Lab
Riley Snodgrass

Riley Snodgrass

Lab Technician, Ziegler Lab
Stephanie Varela

Stephanie Varela

Graduate Student, Ziegler Lab
Kristin Weinstein

Kristin Weinstein

Graduate Student, Ziegler Lab
Mikias Woldetensae

Mikias Woldetensae

Research Technician, Ziegler Lab

Research Projects

Ziegler Res Proj Prev - Role of TSLPR+ST2

The Role of TSLPR+St2+ Tregs in colorectal cancer

Diagnosis and therapy for colorectal cancer targeting a novel subset of Tregs.
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Ziegler Res Proj Prev - Role of TSLP and IL33

The role of TSLP and IL-33 in tissue homeostasis and inflammation

The Ziegler lab is investigating how TLSP and IL-33 signaling at adventitial sites in the lungs and skin maintain tissue immune homeostasis and regulate inflammation and tissue repair.
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Ziegler Res Proj Prev - Regulation of Humoral

Regulation of Humoral Immunity by Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin

Cell-intrinic regulation of germinal centers by Thymic Stromal Lymphopoetin Receptor (TSLPR) signaling
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Ziegler Res Proj Main - FoxP3 Delta

Study of Foxp3ΔExon2-expressing regulatory T cells in humans and mice

Characterization of IgE-mediated photosensitivity in Foxp3ΔExon2-expressing mice
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