Regulation of Humoral Immunity by Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin

We are using a series of cell-specific cre-lox systems to selectively deplete the (Thymic Stromal Lymphopoetin Receptor) TSLPR gene from mature B cells and T cells within the germinal center (GC) microenvironment to determine how TSLPR signaling in these cells impacts overall germinal center function.

In a recent publication, we showed that TSLP receptor signaling in mature B cells limits high-affinity memory B cell differentiation, whereas TSLP receptor signaling on T cells is required for antigen-specific GC B cell responses to immunization.

Moving forward, we will continue to ask how TSLPR signaling impacts the GC-derived plasma cells and memory B cells after immunization.

Ziegler Res Proj Inline - Regulation of Humoral