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Featured Gretchen Schoenstein Shamrock 2024 Editorial
May 30, 2024

Passing on the Hope: What I Learned Running Two Half-Marathons on Two Coasts in Two Days

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Blog Main Gibson Clara Editorial
April 3, 2024

Two Teens, Two Clinical Trials, One Vision: Living Better With T1D

Hear from teenagers Clara and Gibson about their experience participating in research and why it's important to them.
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Blog Main Image - 3D Biological Cells Cancer
April 2, 2024

Why a New Cancer Treatment Can Lead to Autoimmunity

Why do some people taking checkpoint inhibitors for cancer develop side effects that look like autoimmunity? And could these side effects actually be a sign that the treatment is working? Peter Linsley, PhD and Ty Bottorff, PhD, intend to find out.
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Blog Main Image - Researcher Woman Pipetting Samples Blue
April 1, 2024

New Frontiers in Immunology: Studying Diseases in the Tissues Where They Happen

Learn how Eddie James, PhD, Peter Morawski, PhD, and other BRI scientists are exploring tissue-specific immunology and why this approach is fueling discoveries.
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Blog Main Gretchen Schoenstein 2024 Editorial
March 12, 2024

2 Halfs, 2 Coasts, 2 Days: Gretchen Schoenstein Takes on Challenge for BRI and Everyone with Autoimmune Diseases

Longtime BRI supporter Gretchen Schoenstein is taking on a bold new challenge: 2 half-marathons, in 2 days, on 2 coasts.
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Blog Main Image - BRI Researcher Samples Hood 2
January 12, 2024

New Grant Fuels Research Into Preventing Autoimmunity

Naive T cells are like the rookies of your immune system. They’re young and inexperienced. They grow up to do different jobs, most of which help protect your body from viruses and bacteria. But a few stray down the wrong path — growing up to become cells that cause autoimmune disease.
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News NIH New Innovator
January 11, 2024

John Ray, PhD, Receives NIH New Innovator Award

The prestigious NIH Director’s New Innovator Award provides significant funding for innovative research that holds the promise of high rewards. And BRI geneticist John Ray, PhD, just received one.
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Blog Main 3D Biological Intestines Blue
January 11, 2024

Ready for This Moment: Exploring Prevention of Ulcerative Colitis

Adam Lacy-Hulbert, PhD, was reading through the latest scientific papers when one finding stopped him in his tracks: Groups from Kyoto University and Mount Sinai described an autoantibody specific to people with ulcerative colitis (UC).
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Blog Main Image - Researcher Woman Examining Samples Blue
January 10, 2024

On the Brink of a Golden Age of Medicine

"I know we will reach that golden age, and BRI’s research in human immunology is the vehi¬cle that will take us there. This field has shepherded incredible advances in recent years, including new vaccines, new cancer treatments, and new and better treatment options for autoimmune disease."
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Blog Main BRI Summer Interns 2023 Group
September 28, 2023

Meet BRI's Summer 2023 Interns

Each summer, BRI hosts undergraduate interns from universities across the country. They join various BRI labs and departments to take on research projects with mentorship from our scientists. Meet this year's interns and learn about the exciting projects they worked on.
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Blog Main Mikaela Horse Editorial
September 25, 2023

Participants Like Mikaela Fuel Research Advances

Participating in a clinical trial for type 1 diabetes (T1D) was easy for 9-year-old Mikaela. “Everyone was really nice. I just had to drink a milkshake with some medicine in it and get an IV.
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