Histology/Imaging Core


For Histology Core Lab (HCL) services, contact Pamela Johnson, PhD.

To arrange for use of the Imaging Core Lab (ICL) equipment, contact Caroline Stefani, PhD.

The Histology/Imaging (H/I) Core provides comprehensive histology and imaging services to BRI investigators and their collaborators. The H/I Core is divided into two service elements: the Histology Core Laboratory (HCL) and the Imaging Core Laboratory (ICL)

The HCL utilizes high-throughput, automated equipment for tissue infiltration, paraffin or OCT embedment, sectioning (microtomy, cryotomy, and vibrotomy), mounting of sections on slides, staining with histological dyes or immunohistochemical agents and coverslipping. The HCL can also perform cytospins. HCL services are available to investigators at BRI and (for research purposes only), to VMMC personnel and to investigators from other institutions.

The ICL contains a selection of digital camera-equipped, wide-field light microscopes for viewing and recording images from microscope slides, cultured cells and whole-mounted specimens. 

Histology/Imaging Core ImageAvailable microscopes include upright, inverted and stereo instruments with complementary ranges of magnification and modes of illumination (e.g., bright field, dark field, phase contrast, DIC and epifluorescence). The ICL also houses a Leica TCS SP5 laser scanning confocal microscope with five (ROGBV) lasers, five channels (four epifluorescence, one DIC) and live cell imaging capability. Additional instrumentation in the ICL includes flat-bed laser scanners (both visible and infra-red) for gels and blots, a computer-controlled digital SLR camera on a copy stand and image analysis workstations. The use of ICL equipment is restricted to investigators at BRI. 

Histology/Imaging Core Manager

Histology Core Manager: Pamela Johnson, PhD

Imaging Core Manager: Caroline Stefani, PhD