Histology Core at BRI

The Histology Core Laboratory provides comprehensive histological services to both BRI scientists and the surrounding biotech community, from external academic investigators to large multinational biotech companies.

Managed by Dr. Pamela Johnson, the core facility utilizes high-throughput automated equipment for tissue infiltration, embedment in paraffin or OCT, sectioning (microtomy, cryotomy), dye-based and immunohistochemical staining, spatial transcriptomics, tissue matrix array, and cover-slipping. Leveraging Dr. Johnson’s 25+ years’ experience, the facility also specializes in troubleshooting and protocol development.

Histology Inline Stain Types
Pamela Johnson
Histology Core Manager

Pamela Johnson, PhD

Manager, Histology Core
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Histology Core Equipment

Core Histology Tech - Intellipath FLX

Biocare Medical INTELLIPATH FLX®

An automated high throughput immunohistochemistry stainer that supports multiple applications.
Core Histology Tech - Leica CM3050 Cryostat

Leica CM3050 S Cryostat

An instrument used to section frozen tissue for histological studies including immunohistochemistry, dye-based stains and spatial transcriptomics.
Core Histology Tech - Leica Autostainer XL

Leica Autostainer XL

The Leica Autostainer XL provides reproducible, consistent high-quality staining and increased workload throughput compared to manual staining.
Core Histology Tech - Leica ASP 300S Tissue Processor

Leica ASP300S Tissue Processor

The Leica ASP300 S tissue processor is designed for paraffin infiltration of tissue. Tissue processing programs can be easily customized to researchers needs.

Contact the Histology Core

Contact the histology core with any questions about our equipment and expertise.  We look forward to advancing science with you!