Genotyping Core Laboratory


For more information, please contact Karen Cerosaletti at (206) 287-5623.

The Genotyping Core provides on-site genotyping services and analysis. Fluorescently-labeled MGB Eclipse, Pleiades and Taqman asssays are used to genotype a core panel of SNP markers implicated in the development of various autoimmune diseases. This technology is available to genotype any SNP of interest on BRI repository DNA samples or investigator-provided samples.

Our HLA typing takes advantage of Taqman-based Q-PCR assays developed at BRI by Vivian Gersuk, PhD and Karen Cerosaletti, PhD. Current assays are based on HLA genotypes of interest to BRI investigators, including HLA-A2, -DR3, -DR1, -DR15, -DQ8, -DQ2, -DQ6 and high resolution typing for HLA-DR4. HLA typing can be performed on BRI repository samples or investigator-provided DNA samples.

Core resources include an ABI 7900 HT real-time PCR system, a BioRad tetrad PCR machine with 384 well plate units, and a Beckman Coulter Biomek FX robotic workstation.


Karen Cerosaletti, PhD


Genotyping services are available to on-site BRI investigators and external collaborators on a fee-for-service basis.