Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory


For training, consultation on experimental design or interpretation of results, contact Aru at (206) 342-6953.

The Flow and Image Cytometry Core Laboratory analyzes, selects, sorts and identifies cells in a variety of parameters. The laboratory offers state-of-the-art instruments for investigators' use including:

Analyzing Flow Cytometers

  • Three BD FACScalibur analyzing flow cytometers with 4-color capability and two lasers
  • BD FACSort (FACScan) analyzing flow cytometer with 3-color capability and one laser
  • BD LSRII Special Order System with 17–color capability with four lasers ("STORM")
  • BD LSRII Special Order System with 17-color capability with five lasers ("SOUNDERS")
  • BD FACSCanto RUO Special Order System with 14-color capability with four lasers
  • BD LSRFortessa Special Order System with 20-color capability with five lasers

Cell Sorters:

  • BD FACSAriaII high speed sorter special order system with 15-color capability with 4 lasers
  • BD FACSAria Fusion biosafety special order high speed softer with 20-color capability with five lasers

Software for Investigators Use:

  • CellQuest Pro (FACSCalibur and FACSort) (MAC)
  • FACSDiva (FCSAriaII, LSRII, FACcanto, LSRFortessa) (PC)
  • FlowJo (MAC, PC)
  • FCSExpress (PC)
  • Kaluza v1.2 (PC)
  • FCAP Array (MAC, PC)

Technical assistance in using the instrumentation is available. Training to operate the instrumentation (FACScalibur, FACSort, LSRII, FACSAriaII, FACS Canto RUO., LSRFortessa, FACSAria Fusion) is also available. FACSAriaII and FACSAria Fusion are also operated by the core director for scientists.


Open to both BRI scientists and external investigators.


K. Arumuganathan, PhD, (Aru) directs the facility and operates the FACS DiVa cell sorter system.