Cell and Tissue Analysis Core Laboratory


For training, consultation on experimental design or interpretation of results, contact Adam at (206) 342-6932.

The Cell and Tissue Analysis Core Laboratory analyzes, selects, sorts and identifies cells in a variety of parameters. The laboratory offers state-of-the-art instruments for investigators' use including:

Analyzing Flow Cytometers

  • BD FACScalibur (1998) (Lou) Two lasers and 4-color capable (B3_R1)
  • BD FACScalibur (2001) (Edgar) Two lasers and 4- color capable (B3_R1)
  • BD FACScalibur  [2000 (2005 ref)] (Kwok) Two lasers and 4-color capable
  • BD LSRII (2007) (STORM) Four Lasers-17color capable (B3_V6_R3_YG5)
  • BD LSRII (2009) (SOUNDERS) Five Lasers-17 color capable (B3_V4_R3_UV2_YG5)
  • BD FACSCanto RUO (2012) Four lasers-14 color capable (B2_YG5_V4+3_R3)
  • BD LSRFortessa (2014) Four Lasers-18 color capable (B2_V6_R3_YG4_UV3)

Cell Sorters

  • BD FACSFusion (2016) Special order system with five lasers and 18 color capable (B2_V6_R3_YG4_UV3)
  • BD FACSAriaII HAWKS(2009) Special order system with 4 lasers and 15 color capable (B3_V4_R3_YG5)

Software for Investigators Use

  • BD CellQuest Pro (BD FACSCalibur and BDFACSort) (MAC)
  • BD FACSDiva (BD FACSAria Fusion,  BD FCSAriaII, BD LSRII, BD FACcanto, LSRFortessa) (PC)
  • FlowJo (Mac, PC)
  • FCSExpress (PC)
  • Kaluza v1.2 (PC)
  • FCAP Array (MAC, PC)

Technical assistance in using the instrumentation

  • Training to operate Flow Cytometers (BD FACScalibur, BD LSRII, BD FACS BDCanto RUO, BD,LSRFortessa)
  • Training to operate Cell sorters (BD FACSAria Fusion and BD FACSAriaII).

Technical assistance in using the instrumentation is available. Training to operate the instrumentation is also available.


The facility is intended to be self-supporting; charges are for instrument time only. The following rates are for BRI users in 2019:

  • BD FACSAria Fusion Sorter: $42/hour BD
  • BD FACSAria II: Analysis or sorting: $39.50/hour ($120/hour for external)
  • BD LSRII: $20.75 /hour ($75 for External)
  • BD LSRFortessa : $20.75/hour
  • BD FACSCanto RUO: $20.75/hour ($75 for External)
  • BD FACScalibur:  $10.50/hour ($40 for external)
  • Computer use: no charge

Charges for time are rounded up to the nearest quarter hour


Open to both BRI scientists and external investigators.


Adam Wojno

BRI Cell and Tissue Analysis Core Lab Policies

Cancellations – Users who have scheduled time may cancel up to 24 hours in advance of their start time. If users do not show up for a scheduled appointment, or cancel with 24 hours of the appointment, they will be billed for the scheduled amount of time.

Late Arrivals – Users will be billed for the amount of time they have reserved. If users arrive late, the billing time will start at the beginning of the scheduled appointment.

Training – All new users will participate in one or more training sessions with BRI Cell and Tissue Analysis Lab Manager. New users within an experienced lab may be instructed by trained personnel in the lab, but prior to being able to run samples by themselves, they will also be required to participate in a training session with BRI Core Lab Manager.

After hours/Weekend Use – Trained users may be allowed access to the facility after hours and operates the FACS DiVa cell sorter system on weekends, after they have been given approval from the BRI Core Lab Manager. Please inform BRI Core Lab Manager of any plans to work outside of normal lab hours.

Radioactive Materials – Radiolabeled samples are not permitted in BRI Cell and Tissue Analysis Core Lab.

Acknowledgements – Please acknowledge the BRI Cell and Tissue Analysis Core Lab in any grant application or publication in which equipment and/or staff expertise was provided. Also, please send the BRI Cell and Tissue Analysis Lab Manager a copy of accepted publications containing data generated in the facility.

Biosafety – In an effort to decrease possible infection risk to BRI Cell and Tissue Analysis Lab staff and lab users, we require that all samples be fixed prior to analysis on flow cytometers. We are aware that certain applications preclude the fixing of samples. Should there be experimental reasons that your protocol is not compatible with fixation, please discuss this with Cell and Tissue Analysis Lab Manager before running samples so appropriate handling and containment can be implemented.

Data Transfer and Management – All users are required to export their experiment data to external hard drive (and not to the computer) before transferring to the server. Users are allowed to keep not more than 5 experiments in their folder. Excess experiments are deleted without warning.