Centers of Discovery

Our Expertise Unrivaled. Our Dedication Unwavering.

BRI’s scientists are focused on the bold mission to predict, prevent, reverse and cure immune system diseases. BRI’s collaborative culture and the Centers of Discovery model allow for knowledge-sharing and for each Center to build on discoveries from individual labs. It also helps accelerate discoveries and encourage collaboration. To best leverage our efforts, our scientific activities are grouped into four Centers of Discovery under which our Core Laboratories are organized:

Fundamental Immunology

Led by Dan Campbell, PhD, the Center looks at how the immune system works and examines at a genetic, molecular and cellular level how it causes disease.

Core Labs: Cell & Tissue Analysis, Histology

Translational Immunology

Led by Karen Cerosaletti, PhD, the Center translates findings from scientific discoveries and moves learnings from clinical trials into potential new therapies to determine how interventions alter the immune response in disease.

Core Labs: Tetramer, Translational, Human ImmunophenotypingGenotyping

Interventional Immunology

Led by Carla Greenbaum, MD, the Center uses small and large-scale clinical studies to translate lab discoveries to patient therapies.

Core Labs: Diabetes Core

Systems Immunology

Led by Peter Linsley, PhD, the Center analyzes large and complex data sets across all Centers to identify patterns and accelerate breakthroughs.

Core Labs: Genomics, Data Management & Bioinformatics