Cerosaletti Lab


Dr. Cerosaletti’s research is focused on the role of the adaptive immune system in the development and progression of immune mediated diseases and the response to treatment.

Current research is examining the role of T cells in the development and progression of autoimmune type 1 diabetes (T1D), and the response to immunotherapy in T1D. The lab is identifying transcriptional and T cell receptor signatures of islet autoreactive CD4 T effector cells and regulatory T cells that are linked to disease course.

The Cerosaletti lab is also examining the expansion of stem-like CD4 memory T cells in T1D which may serve as a reservoir of autoreactive T cells in T1D.

Additionally, Dr. Cerosaletti has a longstanding research interest in the molecular genetics of immune disorders to establish functional links between genetic variants and alterations in the immune response leading to loss of tolerance, viral response and response to therapy. Current work is focused on the impact of genetic variants in the response to peanut allergy immunotherapy. 

Karen Cerosaletti
Director, Center for Translational Immunology

Karen Cerosaletti, PhD

Associate Member; Principal Investigator, Cerosaletti Lab
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