Internships and Educational Opportunities

Next gen

Educating the future in immunology

Benaroya Research Institute is committed to educating and mentoring the next generation of immunologists and encouraging young people to enter the field of science. BRI provides undergraduate internships, mentors graduate students and engages postdoctoral fellows from all over the world.

PhD Research in Collaboration with the University of Washington

BRI faculty mentor PhD students for their doctoral research principally through the Graduate Programs at the University of Washington. Many BRI faculty members have affiliate appointments in departments at the University of Washington and affiliations with UW graduate programs. These include the Immunology Graduate Program in the UW Department of Immunology, the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program, an interdisciplinary graduate program jointly offered by the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, and UW Genome Sciences graduate program.  A graduate student in these programs can do their thesis research in a BRI lab affiliated with the program. To perform PhD research at BRI, students must apply and be accepted into the appropriate UW graduate program, after which they may perform laboratory rotations and join an affiliated lab at BRI. Contact individual departments or researchers with whom you are interested in working for more specific details.  

UW Immunology Affiliate Faculty at BRI

Estelle Bettelli

Estelle Bettelli, PhD

Member, Fundamental Immunology Program; Principal Investigator, Bettelli Lab; Affiliated Professor, UW Department of Immunology
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Jane Buckner

Jane Buckner, MD

President, BRI; Member; Principal Investigator, Buckner Lab
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Daniel Campbell

Daniel J. Campbell, PhD

Director, Center for Fundamental Immunology; Member; Principal Investigator, Campbell Lab
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Jessica Hamerman

Jessica Hamerman, PhD

Director, Academic Affairs; Member, Center for Fundamental Immunology; Principal Investigator, Hamerman Lab
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Oliver Harrison

Oliver Harrison, DPhil

Assistant Member; Principal Investigator, Harrison Lab
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Adam Lacy-Hulbert

Adam Lacy-Hulbert, PhD

Director, Center for Systems Immunology; Associate Member; Principal Investigator, Lacy-Hulbert Lab
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John Ray

John Ray, PhD

Assistant Member; Principal Investigator, Ray Lab
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Steven F Ziegler

Steven Ziegler, PhD

Director of External Collaboration; Member, Center for Fundamental Immunology; Principal Investigator, Ziegler Lab
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Research Internship Program For College Undergraduates

BRI offers college undergraduates the chance to expand their learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom through its in-person Summer Internship Program. The 8-week internship offers top-achieving and highly motivated science students the opportunity to work and learn under the mentorship of BRI's renowned researchers.

As part of the internship, students will receive hands-on instruction in basic scientific techniques, participate in ongoing, high-level experiments under the mentorship of the Institute’s faculty, attend lab meetings, guest speaker presentations and participate in journal clubs and an intern symposium at the conclusion of their summer experience.

  • This paid internship runs from mid-June through mid-August. Interns work 20 hours per week at BRI’s campus in Downtown Seattle.
  • The application for the 2023 internship is now closed. The application for 2024 will open in December 2023/January 2024.  Contact with any questions regarding the summer internship.
My favorite memory was giving the seminar at the end of the summer. It was a great way to not only share my research with others but help me make sure I completely understood my research from all angles. Being able to communicate research is one of the most important qualities of a scientist and I am very grateful I had an amazing team of mentors helping me learn how to communicate it in the most digestible and efficient way. 
Taylor Koch, BRI Summer Intern


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