At Benaroya Research Institute, philanthropic investments have been absolutely critical to the success of scientific endeavors, innovative ideas and medical breakthroughs. Every philanthropic dollar invested at BRI for innovative research has been multiplied into additional research dollars through government grants and sponsored projects. In 2014, philanthropic investments in BRI totaled $7.1 million while more than $49 million was awarded to BRI by the government and other organizations for dedicated research activities.

Here are some of the ways your generous donations make an impact on the fight against autoimmune and immune system diseases and improve the lives of so many:


A critical characteristic of scientific research is that the timing and direction of discovery are uncertain. Finding the causes and cures for devastating immune system diseases must be pursued quickly and completely. Often it becomes essential to rapidly direct funds to new avenues of research and quickly explore emerging ideas.

Funding this rapid research allows BRI to respond to emerging innovations as they happen to accelerate the pace of discovery, leading to faster advances. Scientists can seed and test innovative hypotheses, build data and provide continuous project funding. This preliminary work and project continuity is key to BRI’s success rate in obtaining research awards to accelerate discovery. Because of this, BRI is much more likely to be awarded a National Institutes of Health grant based on well-supported grant applications. This allows today’s discoveries to advance into tomorrow’s clinical treatments and cures.

Kimm O’Brien with the latest technology Illumina machine that provides more efficient and faster study of cells.


Research is making an unprecedented leap forward as the ability to predict the onset or progression of disease is further developed. At the same time advancements are being made to intervene in the disease process in a more proactive and effective way. The springboard for this great leap is, and will continue to be, the rapid advance of technology. New tools improve the ability to devise solutions for complex diseases by quickly generating data and analysis to advance discovery.


Science advances when bright young investigators bring their expertise, passion and enthusiasm to BRI. However, they have more difficulty getting grant funding to launch their research because they haven’t become established. BRI is committed to promising young scientists. Donations support setting up new laboratories and projects. These investments have proven successful many times over as young researchers make discoveries that improve people’s lives.


Originally published in BRING IT ON newsletter - Winter 2015

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December 1, 2015

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