BRI has a bold vision: a healthy immune system for everyone. We need your help to make that possible.

We recently kicked off a potentially game-changing partnership with the new Allen Institute for Immunology. Fueled by a $125 million gift from the late Paul G. Allen, this partnership aims to learn more about how the immune system works from health to disease. BRI’s role includes creating the most detailed portrait yet of healthy immune systems. To do this, we’ll study blood samples from donors over time. 

“We’ll be able to see how healthy immune systems change as people age, and how lifestyle and environmental factors alter immune systems,” says BRI’s President Jane Buckner, MD. “This will help us understand which changes are normal and which ones contribute to disease.”

Be Part of Research

When you volunteer to participate in research, you play a critical role in moving science forward. Scientists will use samples from donors to learn more about the immune system and how to predict, prevent and ultimately cure life-changing diseases that impact us all. 

Breakthroughs start with people like you!

How It Works:

Eligible volunteers will: 

  • Give blood at 10 in-person visits and share health data over about two years
  • Receive two flu vaccines, one for each flu season during the study, at no charge
  • Be reimbursed for their time and efforts for each in-person visit
  • Help to advance research that leads to future treatments and cures

Who Can Participate 

The Sound Life Project is looking for people who are 25-35 or 55-65 years old who are generally healthy and have no chronic or major medical conditions. If that doesn’t sound like you, please feel free to sign up anyway — BRI has many other studies you might qualify for, whether you have an immune-related disease or not. Learn more and sign up at

Get Started

Registration to join this study has closed.

Questions? Email us at

Originally published in BRING IT ON Newsletter - Winter 2020

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December 10, 2019

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