Bernard Khor, MD, PhD

Assistant Member
Office Phone: 
(206) 341-8900

Background Information

Dr. Khor received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his MD and PhD in Immunology, from Washington University in St. Louis. He did his residency in Clinical Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital and a fellowship in Transfusion Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Subsequently, he pursued postdoctoral research with Dr. Ramnik Xavier. Dr. Khor joined the BRI as an Assistant Member in 2017.

Area of Research

Dr. Khor’s laboratory is interested in identifying novel pathways that regulate tolerance and inflammation, focusing on those that are disrupted in the setting of human autoimmunity. The current emphasis is on identifying new pathways that regulate Treg differentiation and function. His group has used a small molecule approach to identify several novel enhancers of Treg differentiation and is pursuing mechanistic studies to elucidate new aspects of Treg development and function.

Khor Laboratory