Khor Lab


The Khor lab is interested in understanding novel pathways that regulate tolerance and inflammation, with the goal of developing novel precision therapies. A major focus of the lab is understanding the mechanistic basis of immune dysregulation in people with Down syndrome.

This work is revealing new fundamental lessons about the pathoimmunology of aging and autoimmunity in people both with and without Down syndrome. Our work is already pointing to new targets for precision therapies and highlighting novel approaches to identify unifying themes across different diseases.

We take a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach that brings together genetics, chemistry, computational, and clinical collaborators to highlight disease-relevant biology. Work in the lab is grounded on observation in human cohorts, which is then mechanistically interrogated using ex vivo, in vitro and animal model approaches. The Khor lab is a high-mentoring environment where trainees take creative, rigorous, and multidisciplinary approaches to clinically relevant problems.

Bernard Khor
Associate Member

Bernard Khor, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator, Khor Lab; Center for Translational Immunology; Associate Medical Director, Bloodworks Northwest; Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Washington
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Lab Members

Amber Leonard

Amber Leonard, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate, Khor Lab; Center for Translational Immunology