Karen Cerosaletti, PhD

Director, Center for Translational Immunology; Manager, Genotyping Core; Associate Member
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Background Information

Dr. Cerosaletti received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. She worked in infectious disease research before obtaining her PhD in Immunology from the University of Rochester in 1990. After post-doctoral work in somatic cell genetics in the Molecular Medicine Program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, she joined Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) in 1995. She is currently Director of the Center for Translational Research, Manager of the Genotyping Core and a Research Associate Member at BRI.

Area of Research

Dr. Cerosaletti’s research is focused on the molecular genetics of autoimmune disorders. She directs the Genotyping Core Laboratory at BRI, which tests repository samples for specific genetic variants that have been associated with susceptibility to autoimmunity. Genetic analyses are coupled with cellular studies to establish functional links between sequence variants in specific genes and alterations in the function of these genes in the immune system. Current work is focused on the impact of genetic variants in the PTPN22, PTPN2, IL2RA, BANK1, IL6R, TYK2, IFIH1 and SH2B3 genes in several autoimmune disorders, as well as genetic variants associated with food allergy. The lab is also analyzing the phenotype and T cell receptor repertoire in islet reactive CD4 T cells from patients with type 1 diabetes using single cell RNAseq to identify islet T cell ‘signatures’ that may be useful biomarkers for disease initiation, progression and response to therapy.

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