Carla J. Greenbaum, MD

Director, Center for Interventional Immunology; Director, Diabetes Research Program; Member
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Background Information

Dr. Greenbaum received her undergraduate and medical degrees at Brown University then pursued her endocrinology fellowship at University of Washington, where she continues as clinical faculty. She joined the Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) in 2000, where she is Director of the Center for Interventional ImmunologyDiabetes Research Program and the BRI Clinical Research Center and a Member at BRI. Dr. Greenbaum serves on the Board of Directors for BRI and is a member of the BRI Institutional Review Board, which provides oversight for clinical studies.

Area of Research

Dr. Greenbaum is a clinical investigator who focuses on the natural history of type 1 diabetes, specifically with prediction of disease and interventions to alter immune-mediated beta cell function. She has conducted studies evaluating beta cell function and other physiologic and immune changes that occur during the progression of the natural history of type 1 diabetes. 

In addition to clinical trials, she works to facilitate translational research initiatives locally and nationally. Her considerable expertise includes clinical trial design and implementation, and evaluation of biomarkers for disease course and response to therapy. She currently serves as Chair of Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet, an NIH sponsored international consortium to conduct multiple clinical trials in type 1 diabetes. Dr. Greenbaum is the PI for the TrialNet Northwest Clinical Center and in this role, she is responsible for protocol development and clinical issues. In addition, she leads the TrialNet Clinical Network Hub, a newer NIDDK initiative which works collaboratively with the TrialNet Coordinating Center and other clinical centers nationwide to identify and implement sustainable, scalable processes and improvements within the TrialNet consortium. She is also involved with clinical trials with the NIH-sponsored Immune Tolerance Network and the Diabetes Vaccine Development Center in Australia, as well as Phase I/II pharmaceutical trials. Dr. Greenbaum is a member of the University of Washington’s CTSA leadership group. She serves on various national and international scientific review committees focusing on clinical and translational research.  

Diabetes Research Program