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March 23, 2021

A Letter From Our President: Latest Advances at BRI

We’ve been living in a world of COVID-19 for over a year. In the face of a pandemic, BRI’s vision — a healthy immune system for everyone — has become more important than ever. We’re so thankful for the incredible support from you, our community. And I’m excited to update you on our work and introduce our new brand.

Over the past year, BRI’s team, including three new principal investigators, have used our tools and expertise to unlock some of the mysteries of COVID-19. From home offices and socially distanced labs, we’ve continued studies that shed light on everything from Crohn’s disease to cancer. We’ve helped test a breakthrough vaccine. And we’ve pushed forward with the Sound Life Project, helping us better understand what constitutes a healthy immune system, how or why imbalances happen and, perhaps most importantly, how we can reset it back to health.

No matter how long it takes to get back to normal, BRI will continue our quest to predict, prevent, reverse and cure immune system diseases. This commitment is reflected in our new brand: Powering Possibility.

Powering Possibility encompasses BRI’s commitment to creating a world without immune-related diseases. This means a world where no one has to plan their lives around insulin injections or scrutinize every meal for allergens. It means a world free from the pain, limitations and social stigma associated with immune diseases, from rheumatoid arthritis to multiple sclerosis.

Every BRI study, discovery and innovation powers possibility by moving us toward this world. Each study may not result in a life-changing discovery. But all studies fuel progress that ultimately informs the quest for prevention and cures by opening the door to new questions and new advances.

COVID-19 has brought the global research community together, focusing on the immune system and working quickly and collaboratively. If we can continue at this rate with a sustained focus on immunology, we will be closer to finding ways to rebalance the immune system back to health — or better yet, a world where healthy immune systems stop disease before it starts.

Jane Buckner

Many members of BRI’s community are wondering how the recent Virginia Mason – CHI Franciscan merger forming Virginia Mason Franciscan Health affects our work. The answer: BRI will keep doing research as usual. We’ll continue to work with clinicians and patients at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health as well as experts nationally and worldwide.

Our community plays a key role in this work and we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for your steadfast support during a year like no other. Through volunteering, participating in research and making financial donations, you help us power possibilities every day.

Jane Buckner, MD
BRI President

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