Mridu Acharya, PhD

Mridu Acharya, PhD
Affiliate Investigator
Office Phone: 
(206) 341-8997

Background Information

Dr. Acharya was born and raised in Nepal. She graduated with a BSc(Hons) degree from University of Hull, UK in 2003 and with a Masters in Research(MRes) degree from University of Glasgow in 2004. She received PhD in Biochemistry from University of Glasgow in 2008 and then moved to Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School for postdoctoral training. In December 2013, she became a Staff Scientist at BRI and subsequently became Assistant Member in October 2016.

Area of Research

Dr. Acharya’s research interest is in understanding how signals from different types of immune receptors and cytoskeletal molecules are integrated to produce an immune response tailored to the type of antigen encountered. Currently she is using a combination of cell biology, model systems and human immunology to study how B-lymphocytes of the immune system integrate these types of signals from antigens and their environment to produce effective responses to pathogens while maintaining tolerance to self-derived antigens. Using the samples available from BRI’s biorepositories, we are studying the mechanisms of B-lymphocyte activation by self-antigens during human autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In collaboration with Dr. Adam Lacy-Hulbert at BRI and Dr. David Rawlings at Seattle Children’s Research Institute we are also studying mechanisms regulating expansion of antigen specific B-lymphocytes and development of protective immunity in response to viral antigens.