Powering Possibilities

BRI accelerates discovery through laboratory breakthroughs in immunology that can be translated to clinical therapies. Our scientists lead global collaborations and partnerships to advance the science that will predict, prevent, reverse and cure diseases of the immune system. 

Our Core Laboratories are organized within four Centers of Discovery to allow researchers to dive deep into their own research questions, while also collectively gaining insight into diseases that share a common root. 

Each core laboratory is led by experts in their respective fields. They use cutting-edge technology to develop the knowledge and products needed for scientific discovery. BRI’s facility features state-of-the-art and highly-automated biotechnical equipment to help meet the accelerated rate of research. 

All of BRI’s Core Laboratories, with the exception of the Data Management & Software Development Core and the Translational Core, are open to members of the scientific community outside BRI. 

Learn more about each Core Lab below.