Our Research

Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) is on a mission to predict, prevent, reverse and cure immune system diseases. We study the cells and processes within the immune system, how and why immune system diseases start, and how to rebalance the immune system back to health. Our focus spans a wide variety of immune system diseases – including autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergy, cancer and COVID-19 – with the goal of transforming our understanding of how to prevent and treat these conditions.

Collaboration defines our work. We build teams within our institute and with partners around the world to take on some of the most difficult questions in immunology. This approach moves us closer to our vision of a healthy immune system for everyone.

Our Centers of Discovery: A pipeline from lab research to life-changing care

BRI’s research is organized around four Centers of Discovery, allowing us to accelerate advances at every stage of our work. Our centers enable us to make discoveries in the lab and provide a foundation for new and innovative therapies. They also help us to take questions directly from the clinic — such as what makes a therapy work for one person and not another — back to our labs to find meaningful answers.