DNA-barcoded HLA class II tetramers

Our work involves generating DNA-barcoded HLA class II tetramer reagents and developing protocols to analyze antigen specific CD4+ T cells in single cell RNA-seq experiments.

With DNA barcoded tetramers, T cells of up to 100 different epitope specificities in the blood samples can be studied simultaneously. We are applying these DNA-barcoding class II tetramer reagents in staining T cells in conjunction with the 10x Genomics single cell RNA-seq technology, allowing us to examine thousands of epitope specific T cells at the same time.

Epitope specificity, TCR clonotype, surface protein expression, and transcriptomics profiles for each of these individual cells can also be analyzed in detail.

We are currently focusing on examining allergen specific T cells and T cells specific for infectious organisms. We are interested in using this new approach to examine distinct features of different epitope specific T cells and T cell differentiation.