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April 28, 2015

BRI Research Featured in Food Allergy Exhibit at Pacific Science Center

A new exhibit that explores the science of food allergies, “Allergies: Game On,” is now open as part of the Pacific Science Center’s Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness. The exhibit features information about food allergies, from global trends to the chemical reactions behind allergic reactions and personal stories about living with food allergies.

Seattle is a hub for food allergy research, with physicians, researchers and organizations from around the area collaborating to understand food allergies and identify better ways to treat and prevent them. The exhibit features some of the work being done at BRI by Drs. William KwokEddie James, Mary Farrington and Steven Ziegler.

At “Allergies: Game On,” on display until June 7, 2015, you can test your knowledge by taking the Allergy Quiz, solve a T cell recognition puzzle, watch a videos with allergy researchers and individuals living with food allergies, fish for T cells, and even talk with local scientists who conduct allergy research on the first Saturday of each month.