Robert B. Vernon, PhD

Research Associate Member; Manager, Histology/Imaging Core
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Background Information

Dr. Vernon received his bachelor’s degree in Biology/Zoology from the University of Washington, magna cum laude, and received his PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Washington in 1985 (receiving an ARCS Foundation award for his doctoral research). He was a postdoctoral fellow (receiving a Lalor Foundation fellowship) and, later, a faculty member in the Department of Biological Structure at the University of Washington School of Medicine from 1985-1999. Subsequently, he joined the Hope Heart Institute in Seattle and, in 2004, became a Research Associate Member at the Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason.

Area of Research

The Vernon Lab investigates the influence of extracellular matrix molecules on the differentiation, migration, and organization of cells, particularly cells of the vasculature and immune system. Additional efforts include development of bioengineered scaffolds for islet replacement therapy incorporating natural extracellular matrix molecules that promote islet survival and immune tolerance.

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