Erik Wambre, PhD

Associate Member

Background Information

Dr. Wambre was born and raised in France. He received his MS degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Lille in 2003 and his Master of Business Engineering (MBE) from the Ecole de Biologie Industrielle (Cergy) in 2004. He attended the University Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris 6) in 2008, receiving his PhD in Immunology. After his background in Europe, Dr. Wambre joined the Benaroya Research Institute in 2009 to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and subsequently became an Assistant Member.

Area of Research

The projects in Dr. Wambre’s laboratory are focused on providing in depth immune monitoring of antigen-specific T cell responses in allergy and cancer vaccine development. The primary objectives are to enhance our understanding of the pathogenesis, regulation and functions of the adaptive immune system in disease pathways. Further questions relate to the correlation between clinical responses and immunological changes in the course of immunotherapy. Translational and clinical applications include identification of biomarkers of clinical interest, and development of new vaccination strategies.

Figure: Blood samples are collected from patients and processed to allow detection of whole allergen-specific Th2 cells (Th2A subset), based on an allergic disease-related phenotype shared among these cells (CRTH2+ CD161+ CD27-). Enumeration of Th2A cells can then be applied as a clinically useful biomarker in allergy, while these cells can be purified for more molecular profiling and analysis in cell culture.

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