Educational Opportunities

Benaroya Research Institute is committed to educating and mentoring the next generation and encouraging young people to enter the field of science. BRI provides undergraduate internships, mentors graduate students and engages postdoctoral trainees from all over the world.


Research Internship Program for College Undergraduates 

BRI offers college undergraduates the chance to expand their learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom through its Summer Internship Program. The 8-week internship (June 22-August 14) offers top-achieving and highly motivated science students the opportunity to work and learn under the mentorship of BRI's nationally renowned researchers.

As part of the internship, students will receive hands-on instruction in basic scientific techniques, participate in ongoing, high-level experiments under the mentorship of the Institute’s faculty, attend lab meetings and guest speaker presentations and participate in an intern symposium at the conclusion of their summer experience.

Being able to conduct my own research to answer an experimental question was very valuable. No university course has ever let me do this.” – 2016 BRI Summer Intern

Applications for the 2020 Summer Internship Program due on March 14, 2020.


Graduate Students

Graduate Program in Collaboration with the University of Washington

The University of Washington Immunology PhD program provides training in the discipline of immunology, emphasizing the connections between the immune system and other biological systems in health and disease. BRI supports the program with a faculty member who mentors graduate students in the research for their doctoral dissertations.

Also many of the BRI faculty members have affiliate appointments in departments at the University of Washington. In most cases, a graduate student accepted into a University of Washington graduate program with an affiliate at BRI can apply to do graduate research at BRI. Contact individual departments or researchers with whom you are interested in working for more specific details.   


Postgraduate Trainees

Postdoctoral fellows are employed in all research program areas at BRI. Scientists mentor postdoctoral trainees to successfully prepare for and transition to a variety of professional endeavors by building on their scientific research training. Contact the faculty member with whom you would like to work directly.