JDRF Core For Assay Validation (CAV)

The Core for Assay Validation (CAV) aims to:

  1. Help the T1D research community by providing access to samples from individuals with T1D  and methods for assay improvement.
  2. Advance biomarker discovery in T1D by coordinating a multi-lab effort to find biomarkers that can predict how quickly people will stop making their own insulin after diagnosis.

T1D assay validationThe CAV has standardized a method for blinded replicate testing that lets investigators test, in their own labs, how well an assay performs and then work with us to improve their assays. T1D researchers can contact us for assistance in this work.

The current scientific goal of the CAV is to identify new markers that predict C-peptide (insulin secretion) decline after diagnosis with T1D. The CAV works with 10 investigators worldwide who are sharing methods and data toward this goal. The identification of a new biomarker of C-peptide decline could benefit clinical trial providers and participants by improving enrollment criteria for new-onset trials with the goal of making clinical trials more targeted to the appropriate population, and improving the likelihood of identifying drugs that work to stop the progression of T1D.

The CAV has set up a website to allow collaborating investigators participating in this project to share pre-publication data. BRI's CAV is committed to making the data useful to current group members and in the future to all T1D researchers. 

Cate Speake, PhD, PI
Alice Long, PhD, co-PI