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Cooperative Start-Up (see Decision Tree below)

Start-Up Decision Tree (Cooperative Review Start-Up)

These studies are collaborative research with institutions VMMC/BRI has previously entered into a “Cooperative Agreement”.  Please help us identify if your study qualifies for Cooperative Review by reviewing the following questions:

YES or NO     Does your institution currently hold a Cooperative IRB Agreement with BRI (i.e. UW, FHCRC, Swedish, Group Health)?
YES or NO     Will your institution be considered “engaged” in research at VMMC/BRI?
YES or NO     Is there a VMMC or BRI investigator interested in supporting this research? 
YES or NO     Is there IRB approval at the original site (IRB of Record)?

If NO to any of the above questions, contact Gail Chumbley at or 206-342-6912.

If YES to ALL the questions above, follow the instructions for COOPERATIVE STUDY START-UP