Allergies & Asthma Clinical Studies

Benaroya Research Institute and the Virginia Mason Asthma and Allergy Clinic are working together to study immune response to environmental allergens. The group will use tetramers, a biomarker developed by BRI, to study cells from individuals who are allergic to cat dander, tree and grass pollen, peanuts, mold and other allergens.

We are looking for severely tree-nut allergic and/or peanut-allergic adults to donate their blood and answer a questionnaire about their allergy history. If you have a severe tree-nut allergy, please consider helping our team of world-renowned scientists identify causes and cures for immune-mediated diseases, such as allergies.

Clinical research trials are available in the following areas


For Clinical Study information, please contact Kit Wilder at

For Biorepository information, please contact Kavitha Gilroy by Phone: 206-342-6964 or Email:

Also, BRI’s Clinical Research Registry connects people interested in clinical research with the physicians conducting these studies. Join our Research Registry and you will automatically be considered for all appropriate clinical studies and personally contacted to discuss specific opportunities.